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World’s First Oyster Gin

5th March 2019

Created by distiller Simon Tardivel, who has spent the last year living on the island perfecting the spirit, our World’s First Oyster Gin is not like anything you will have tasted before…

Inspired by the picturesque waters of the west coast of Scotland, famous for their seafood, we charge our still with oyster shells, fresh from the Argyll Coast. Blended with a mix of citrus botanicals, the subtitle maritime essence creates a unique savoury gin.

We source our oysters from the beautiful Loch Fyne, a sea loch that extends 65 miles inland from the Sound of Bute. Loch Fyne Oysters are a renowned international symbol of excellence within the seafood industry.

Since launching we are often asked how we can around to Oysters in our botanical basket… Simon said, “I’d been experimenting with brewing beers and created an oyster stout.  While researching the crustacean I discovered that oysters and junipers share the same flavour compounds and so decided to try a gin.”

“It is a bit different, but we’ve had a great response as people are surprised by the taste as they are not quite sure what to expect. We’ve researched widely and have been unable to find any other oyster gins so it’s quite exciting to think we are the first in such a diverse market.”

We recommend our Oyster Gin for craft spirit enthusiasts, seafood lovers, and anyone looking to experience Scotland’s unique culinary identity. For the perfect classic G&T serve with a slice of cucumber and pinch of cracked black pepper!

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