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Festive Cocktails for the Holidays

17th December 2019

We’ve complied some instagram-able and manageable GIN-MAS themed cocktails to help warm the soul during the winter nights ahead.

Glory to Gorse

Our first Gin-mas cocktail is inspired by an age-old classic – The Hot Toddy.

Nothing is more essential on a cold winters night than a warm drink to soothe the chill in your bones.

So if you want to ginify your Hot Toddy so that it makes you think of cosy blankets, warm fires and snug corners in dimly lit bars this is the recipe for you.

50ml IOB Gorse Gin
20ml Hot Water
1 tsp Honey
Sprinkle of Cinnamom
Garnish with Orange Peel or Lemon Wedge

The best part about this cocktail is that all you need to do is add the ingredients – stir well and garnish. No shaker or pre-made ingredients. Just add, stir and garnish – the perfect post work remedy.


Hymn of Heather

Gin tip – Be sure to use a clean flute glass to help the fizz get fizzier.

Hark! We all want to get that instagramable shot of our flawless Christmas Cocktails that will catapult our pinterest presence into prominence, preferably at the speed of 11 reindeer pulling a sleigh around the world in one night.

However, we’ve found it’s not as easy as it looks – making a flawless cocktail that is – not the reindeer pulling the sleigh. That seems almost impossible, if it weren’t for the magic of Christmas we might not believe it happens.

The good news is, we’ve got the answer. All you need to make this sparkly, Christmas inspired gin cocktail is 3 straightforward ingredients.

IOB Heather Gin
Edible Sparkles
(that’s right you can eat sparkles)

Add a measure of gin to flute glass, top up with Prosecco and sprinkle in sparkles for a bit of extra Christmas-ness. If you want to be even more seasonal you can add some frost to the glass with a simple sugar rim. Wipe the rim with a wedge of lemon and dip in sugar.

Sip, snap & enjoy!

Ode to the Oyster Martini   

Now for something fancy. Our Oyster gin is incomparable and holds a flavour profile that shouldn’t be missed, so this cocktail is short on frills and colour but big on flavour and strength.

Chilled martini glass
Plenty of Ice
1 part dry vermouth
5 parts IOB Oyster Gin
Sprig of rosemary

Use a cocktail shaker and pour in vermouth over ice, SHAKE WELL.

Add Oyster Gin and once again SHAKE WELL.

Strain into martini glass and garnish with rosemary.

Why rosemary? Because it’s the herb of remembrance and the festive season is about lasting memories.

And there you have it – class in a glass and a cocktail as crisp as the frosty air.

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