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Back to Bute: Chapter 2

17th February 2020

And we’re back…

February has seen the beginning of our 2020 plans fly off like a champagne cork at a bottomless brunch. We’ve been handed the keys to our new premise on Bute and delivered the first bottle drop. Our team is dedicated to getting our space up and running and open to the public as soon as possible.

After our first batch of gin was distilled in 2018 we had to temporarily relocate to a shared premise in Glasgow in order to meet production needs. Now that we have successfully secured the tenant ship of our own specialised space on Bute we will be back producing on the island just as we always intended.


Our aim has always been to produce a quality product, while helping support the Isle of Bute.  A huge part of being a supporting business is to be active within the community and produce our gin on the isle. In doing so we hope to be able to grow our production and offer some economic benefits to the Bute locals through increased visitor-ship and employment opportunities.

It’s been a process getting to this point and there is still plenty of work to be done, but for now we are celebrating the beginning of a new chapter for Isle of Bute Gin Co.


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